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About the game

Office Hustle is a game that focuses on stealth and takes place on a 2D-grid. Hide from your enemies or lure them away using objects in the environment. Time your movement and use everything at your disposal to get higher up within the company in this comedic infiltration game.

Key Features

  • You play as a jittery intern
  • Rise up in the company to steal more documents
  • Stealth on a 2D-Grid
  • Use the environment to your advantage

Developed by first year NHTV IGAD students as an 8 week project



  • Bart-Jan Boersma
  • Jente van Rooij
  • Mees Wendels
  • Menno Verdonk
  • Sven Zondag


  • Marnix Kuijs
  • Stefano Lazzaroni
  • Vasilen Alexandrov


  • Danielle Viljoen
  • Réka Horváth
  • Max Vetter

We like to see feedback from you, the player. if you played the game leave some feedback behind to help the future development.

Instructions to play without controller, (getting through the menu's): 

Published 23 days ago
StatusOn hold
Tags2d-grid, Comedy, igad, nhtv, school-project, Stealth

Install instructions

IMPORTANT: Please play the game with a controller!

1. Unpack the zip file

2. Open the folder and find the "TheIntern.exe"

3. Play with a controller (Menu's wont work with keyboard)


The_Office_Hustle_V0.1_x32.zip 105 MB
The_Office_Hustle_V0.1_x64.zip 126 MB


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Hey great game! played it a week ago and forgot to mention it. Well done, I had a lot of fun playing it. Great work! 

Heya, any news on the keyboard and mouse controls? Or is this dead?

it seems that you have a broken download, atleast that's what most of these comments are saying. I downloaded the 64 bit file and it was a empty zipped folder. it had nothing in it, might want to fix this soon.

Hello Pugly,

We have looked at the download links for both x64 and x32 bit and we don't get a empty folder. 

I suggest using winrar to extract the game. (We have used winrar to zip the file).

I hope this helps you with unpacking the game.

-Office hustle

hey! I found another fix, just install the itch.io launcher and it works fine, only problem is that ps4 controllers don’t seem to be supported.

The game wont play for me. It launches, but i get a notification, and the game exits.

the game is not downloading

hello dpars41,

We uploaded the build to Itch.io, and for us its downloadable. if this is not working for you you need to contact itch.io for this. 

Sorry for the inconvenience,

-Office hustle

This was a short and simple game! It was definitely a nice, chill getaway from the difficult challenge games that I play most of the time. The music matched up with the game really well and reminded me a bit of the Wii shop music. I got stuck on a puzzle at one point and felt totally stupid when I finally figured it out! I had a blast playing this and would love to see the game extended or maybe some procedurally generated levels added. A level creator would be a pretty awesome addition as well! There are just so many different ideas that could be packed into a game like this to make it an actual full sized game. It has a lot of promise. Thanks for making this!

A super fun little game. Played well and had no problems. Music and sounds were good and extra zip music when seen was cool. Graphics were crisp and colourful. Overall a very good job on this. I enjoyed playing it... :)

great game.  fun game on the last level it was easier/faster to  let them chase you, i don't understand why people say you need a controller was just as easy to use (WASD) for movement and (X)  to activate stuff/hide and (enter) to start the game .. keep it up would like it if you could throw coffee cups to distract some of them . again great game cant wait for more levels 


I wasnt gonna download it but when i saw ur comment I downloaded it 

aand it doesnt work...I get stuck at the menu

Deleted post
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pressing enter did work for me but you can try this way it dose work just done it. 

Atl+tab so their is a file/folder open above the game  and use the mouse to click on play and the game will start.. 

video is not the best but you can clearly see what i do. (for some reason when i use the PC built in record it shrink the game) 

hope this helps 


Thank you for making a tutorial for mouse users. is it oke if we use this video as a guide to help other people play the game?


yeah go for it it's not the best video but by all means use what I've put and make your own version. 

pretty cool game like the idea and graphics look really good  also like the little things you can do to distract people cant wait for more!

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Fun little game cant wait to see the full game

it is not letting me download

Hands down the funniest game I've played on my channel so far! Great job! The only thing I would of recommended is a "Congratulations" or "Thanks for playing the demo" screen. But other then that (dumb) side note awesome game!

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Office Hustle is a great game. I was worried when it said controller was strongly recommended as, I don't have one handy. Thankfully I could play your game just fine with a keyboard i'm sure it's a lot smoother with a controller though. I like that the AI provides a challenge but, it's mega hard.

Please make it compatible with keyboard!

Nice student game. I would recommend put a warning or something on store page that is necessary use of controller. Almost give up playing this game because I don't understand what happen with controller.
Tip for future game: Put a volume slider, even if is basic, it help if I was listen some podcast or making some video or livestream.

really fun stealth game with a nice office theme, not sure who the jerk is that is stealing papers

Sadly the game doesn't work for me. I get stuck on the main menu, and can't get the game to play. I tried using my mouth and keyboard.

controller required

Nice, short game. Had some fun. 

When I launched it, the mouse disappeared and I tried everything like the arrow keys, wasd, enter, ect. Nothing. it seems theirs a bug in the current version that makes it unplayable, I can't get past the menu.

Use a controller

I don't have one, this is a pc game, it should have pc controls, a controller should be an option, not a requirement.

It's sad to hear you were not able to play the game. This game has been made as a assignment for our education, and one of the requirements was to have it controler only. we are working on making it work with keyboard and mouse. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Well, when the keyboard and mouse update will be release, I would love to play it. Since its controller only, is this on consoles?

Is this game compatible with a 32x bit processor?

We have no idea if the game works for a 32x processor. We Build a new version of the game in x32 to make sure you can enjoy the game. We hope you have a good time with the game!

This Is the way to make money right hahaha. Good game i enjoyed playing

Fun game, I like the visual style and the animation, especially of our sneaky hero. :)

I really enjoyed this game!


this was a cool consept wish it was longer

Thank you for playing the game. We are sorry to see that it is a little bit laggy on your system.
Thanks for making a video! We developers like to see this alot :D


Thank you for making this game it was a lot of fun and why it was laggy was because I had other stuff running in the background that I didn't know was running and also the recording software but thank you for making it :)


This game was so much fun!! I really hope they add more levels!!


Thank you for being the most enthusiastic person who ever played our game (to our knowlage). It was really fun to see you enjoy the game this mutch! Thank you very mutch on making a video for us.

I`d love to play the game but i cant see my mouse so i cant click play help


Hi there!
There is a way to play the game without the controler. You need to alt tab in every menu and use the mouse to continue. (Only the dead menu works by using wasd and enter to continue). Sorry for the inconfedience. The controls for keyboard are WASD and X to interact.
I hope this helps you to enjoy the game.

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stil dont work:( dont mind the bakround had som tab in another langue

I'm very sorry to hear that your not able to enjoy the game. We can't help you at the moment with the issue. we are working on a version that has mouse and keyboard support. Again sorry for the inconvenience.

thanks i can´wait :)


RISING TO THE TOP! | Office Hustle

man only if there were more levels :( this game was amazing!! so cool and very different :D i wonder if i became the CEO of the company... XD really awesome job on creating this game! 

Thank you for playing our game and recording it! You became the CEO in our eyes! Some good feedback on new "distraction" tactics we could add to the game. thank you for this!


Gave it a go...


Thanks for playing the game. Even without a controller. For us developers its always nice to see someone play our game. and especially with live reactions. thank you for this!

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Played this at the Industry Day at NHTV. Interesting mix of a Pac Man game with additional stealth mechanics wrapped up in  a cool office theme. The difficulty was a bit too low for me due to the fact that garbage bins are always effective even when enemies see me when entering it. Maybe this has been fixed, but heard that this was quite a difficult game for others so it might be worth keeping.

Art wise I really like the simplistic style, it really works well for this theme and type of game. The coloring of the ground and props makes it really easy to navigate and get a overview of where to go. This type of game would be interesting to see on mobile as well. The pacing, movement and optimization might be a challenge tough.

Putting it on mobile could provide plenty of free marketing that could be used at later years for commercial products, especially it becomes a popular download with proper social media referencing and such. Maybe cool to keep that in mind.

Thanks for the feedback, its nice to hear that we met on the Industry Day. The phone game idea is a solid idea and we are going to look into this. 


Hey, I downloaded the game but I realized that I don't have any controller. Are you gonna make a version playable with a keyboard ? It would be nice :)


Thank you for downloading the game. There is a way to play the game without the controler. You need to alt tab in every menu an use the mouse to continue. (Only the dead menu works by using wasd and enter to continue). Sorry for the inconfedience. The controls for keyboard are WASD and X to interact.


Thank you ! I'll play the game and I'll give you my feedback :)


Wow, I like the low poly style and the gameplay, so it's for me a very good game ! Nice job

Thanks for enjoying the game! We devs are happy to see you liking it so mutch.


Very good concept. What especially caught my attention was the way the walls are disappearing. I know it's just a small details but they matter the most. It would be awesome to see some movable objects that can change the route of 'colleagues'.

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Thank you for your feedback and for showing us how you play trough the game. It makes us developers happy to see that what we planned works out!


Incredible! I love the style and everything about the game.

Thank you for enjoying the game! this makes us developers happy